Jeffrey Sherid

In July 2011, Jeffrey Sherid launched J Hour Productions, LLC to develop, produce and manage low budget ($1 – $15 million) independent films with writers, producers, directors and other filmmakers.


Sherid has over twenty years of experience in production and post-production of filmed entertainment and advertising. Working in advertising since the early nineties, Sherid edited Director’s cuts and trailers for Radio Shack, Johnnie Walker, Burger King and many television episodes.


Sherid developed his expertise on national campaigns and projects with various directors including: Matthew Penn, Ted Demme, Nick Cassavetes, John Leguizamo, Leslie Linka Glatter, Alex Winter, and Gregory Hoblit.

Sherid spent many years working with executive producers, producers and production managers learning all aspects of commercial production. His unique team building and leadership skills, combined with his “never quit” work ethic, make him a standout producer.


Since 2016, Sherid has teamed up with Oscar winning writer, Adam McKay, to produce a horror script written by Sherid. In October 2017, the script, currently title “Locker Room”, was sold and production is projected to begin in 2018.


A comedy written by Sherid is in final script revisions and will be taken out shortly (“Finding Louie”).


Sherid has always believed that something worth doing, is worth doing to the best of your ability. His untiring attitude has led him to this point. “Believe in yourself, believe in the people you surround yourself with and the sky is the limit.”


“Dreams do come true if you work hard for them”