James D.R. Hickox

James was born in London in June of 1965 into a film legacy. His great uncle was J. Arthur Rank, who started Rank Films, the leader in British film for many years; his Mother is 5 time academy award nominee and winner, editor Anne V Coates (“Lawrence of Arabia”, “Elephant Man”, “Erin Brockovich”) and his father was British renegade director Douglas Hickox (“Entertaining Mr. Sloane”, “Theatre Of Blood”, “Zulu Dawn”).

James worked his way up the film industry doing various jobs such as acting (“Another Country”) and P.A. work (“Greystoke”, “Little Shop Of Horrors”), then moved into the editing rooms. At 19, James moved to Los Angeles, where he has lived ever since. He became a first assistant editor and worked on such films as “Field of Dreams”, “I Love You To Death” and “What About Bob”. He then tried his hand at editing, cutting “Hellraiser 3″ and “Warlock: The Armageddon”, but his heart and passion was always in directing.

This dream came true in 1993, when James was 27 years old. His first feature film was Dimensions “Children of the Corn 3″, which was the most successful of the eventual 7 in the series and was even praised by Stephen King himself.

James went on to direct numerous low budget features such as a thriller “The Garden of Evil”, with Malcolm McDowell, a romantic comedy “The Storytellers” with Tippi Hedren and the creature feature “Sabretooth”, with Josh Holloway, the highest rated show on Sci-fi that year. Along the way, James also experimented with new mediums, including internet shows like “Shoot Me : L.A”., for the fashion channel and “Chads World”, starring Sean William Scott and Alyson Loeman.

Feeling it was time to move out of low budget, James shifted gears recently and started to write the type of films he feels he is ready to make. He completed the screenplay “TickTock Boom” at the end of last year, which is a indie Brit “Gangster” movie, now in development and being read by Kiefer Sutherland and Joseph Feinnes to play the leads.

James has completed a script for J Hour Productions, entitled “Deep Creek”, an edge of your seat thriller that is in development.

In 2016, James wrote a short titled “The Importance of Being Andy”, starring Jamie Lomas of “Hollyoaks”, in 2017 James directed his first commercial set through J Hour Productions, LLC, a six spot campaign for “William Wolf Whiskey”The highest rated line of flavored whiskies in America and a music video for the band New Killer Stars –  “16 Daydreams”.

James is already prepping for another campaign for “William Wolf” and is in the mist of developing a feature film script for AMBI Entertainment.